What’s Going On?

I’ve let the blog lapse obviously, but I’m still creating, playing games and sharing what I can from what I learn doing so. I thought I’d share those various things here and try to get a steadier diet of blogging going again.

I’ve been babbling for quite some time on my podcast about starting another podcast and unfortunately life has been getting in the way of that. The  Hex Talk crew has a lot of excitement brewing about the project but we haven’t gotten past the scheduling hurdle yet. But, when we do! You’ll all be the first to know… After us of course.

On other fronts, I’ve started an Anchor channel! It was created to try and get communication increased surrounding multiple podcasts, but it’s really become a platform to talk about depression, anxiety, and gaming. Listeners can call in and ask questions like a talk radio show. I have also tried to collate a few episodes and call ins as podcasts that can be found at your favorite podcast catcher. If someone actually wanted to do a review or subscribe to the podcast version, that would be sweet. Click to check it. Though, it’s more a phone app than PC.

Second, I’ve started two new campaigns. One is using Autarchs, Adventurer, Conqueror, King System, loving called ACKS. It’s a face-to-face game which is mostly made up of family and close friends. I don’t have a lot of things to share about it but will likely mention it and comment about the process I used to create it and get it going.

Second is a 5e D&D Live Stream. I’ve hand-picked the greatest ensemble of players anywhere on the internets. Seriously though, I’ve wrangled a few dorks and we’re trying our hand at a OSR-feely 5e game using Roll20 and tactical tokens and maps. It’s pretty fun. I’m currently using a tweaked Sunless Citadel from Tales of the Yawning Portal for a dungeon crawl portion of the game. It would be awesome if everyone who’s anyone would stop by to heckle at the chat.


Here is a link to Session #3 https://youtu.be/-Ig6p0h606Y


I’ll go into more detail about all these things here at the blog, on Random Screed and/or Hobbs & Friends of the OSR. My wife says it is a lot. But, is it?

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