Writing Journal, the First

How time flies when we’re having fun, or not having fun! It appears my continued blogging took a huge hiccup.But instead of dwelling on that too long, I’ll just got right to the meat of a new subject, Good Intentions! The name Good Intentions taken in context with gaming products, especially Weird West gaming, already exists!

It already exists!

So, needless to say, I can’t keep the name I’ve been using. That was a real drag to me when I found out, as it fit so perfectly with the theme of my particular Weird in my Weird West. But! All things are not lost. What’s in a name afterall? I have a new name, but I’m not ready to let that particular cat out of the bag, yet.

Is this cat still in the bag?

After the TPK, (see last blog post) the GRGA playtest ground to a halt as I decided what to do with that game. They had mostly finished the story arc, but without learning the Big Reveal! Do I give the Big Reveal as back story for new characters and let them continue that story until it finishes in a place I deem ‘correct’, or start new characters with a new story. I opted for the latter, but ran into more hiccups! I’ve been wanting to write a Weird West adventure (or trilogy) inspired by the D Series of 1E Dungeons & Dragons.

The Three Bibles of Dunwater!

I couldn’t even say why I love these modules, I really only ever used the first one and rarely for its intended purpose. Instead I often used the map of the Haunted Mansion and the Scooby-Doo switcheroo story elements. But, I digress!
I haven’t ran the game in over a month because I didn’t have a good map for Pepperhill! Isn’t that horrible? There is a dearth of good Wild West Town maps on the internet for me to use! But, just like this blog, the idea will never die! Keep your eyes peeled here for more information!


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