Full TPK!

My blogging got interupted by the best sort of thing, Gaming! The midweek consisted of more playtesting for my Weird West Heartbreaker, Good Intentions. Wednesday was a continuation of the GRGA group. It was the 5th session for them and we tried to play online instead of getting together face-to-face like we had been. Unfortunately, one of the players had some technical issues and eventually dropped out of the game completely. Which does bring me to a topic I want to podcast about eventually, the process of online gaming; what sort of tech do you use, minimm hardware, prep stuff, finding a game as either a  player or GM.

Anyways, we were down a player and the characters started where they had left off. I did retroactively let Hawk’s character survive, by using adjusted the Fleeting Luck rules from DCC Lankmhar. Since there are no clerics, healing, or lay on hands, the Fleeting Luck could be used to revive fallen PCs. This convinced the PCs to continue searching for the mcguffin and eventually partake in the Big Boss Fight which ended in the deaths of all the PCs. It is always a little unfortunate, for the end to come, but it was an Epic end so acceptable.

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