Good Intentions

Today, I’m thinking about Good Intentions. That’s the working name of my Weird West Heartbreaker. I’ve talked about it a couple times on the podcast and I’ve been working on it when I should be writing material for Zine #2 (Right Chris?). I’ve waffled on a few things already and the game is in its infancy.

Circle or Round? Fruit or butter?


One thing I’ve always been sure of so far is the design mantra, More West, Less Weird. A few people in my circles have bemoaned the lack of a Wild West game that  has no weird at all and I can grok that. Wizards blasting magic missiles and fireballs, doesn’t really feel very West.

I decided after some good talking to by a couple Friends of the OSR (namely Jose and Eric) that I didn’t want to recreate the wheel and use an existing system. I’m already a big fan of Black Powder Black Magic by Stormlord Publishing and the game it uses as a chassis, Dungeon Crawl Classics, so, why not use that?

Dig that Todd McGowan cover art!

So, I stripped out the cleric and magic classes and added Fleeting Luck from Goodman Games recent DCC setting kickstarter, Lankhmar. It is a nice tweak to add combat healing and recuperation around the campfire for my would be Greenhorns. I got some help from my good friend and greater artist, Craig Brasco with his WIP

Torchlight Cover by Craig Brasco

ruleset, Above Snakes.


Armed with the help from these exceptional friends I started a play test with my home group, the Green River Gamers Association (Which is really a goofy thing we started a couple decades ago, based off of the RPGA). The play test went really well and we did a second 6-8 hour session the following week. We’re playing again online tomorrow with Roll20 and I’m excited to see what happens. I have another group from the Thursday Knights starting on what else, Thursday!


I’ll keep you guys posted via the blog, the podcast, and the communities on G+ and Facebook.  If you’ve got thoughts, comments, or questions please leave them. Thanks for reading.


2 Replies to “Good Intentions”

  1. Monty

    Its exciting for me to be on the “ground floor” of Good Intentions since some 30ish years ago I was also on the ground floor of “shoot out”. The funnel took some getting used to for me since it was an alien concept 1 player 1 character was always my norm. I enjoy the “simplicity” of the game mechanics as well as the “die chain”. Even though this reply is days after the disappointment that occurs after a TPK I look forward to the next event (not session) and the continuation of fleshing out what has been a thus far a very enjoyable campaign.

    • Jason Hobbs

      Those are all great things I stole from the games I built Good Intentions on, mostly Dungeon Crawl Classics. After the last two games, I’m really enjoying the flying lead and fast action the Western Genre can bring to DCC.

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