The Caecilian Tubes

Hey folks. The next zine from Hobbs & Friends of the OSR is the Caecilian Tubes. Here’s a little bit of the text you’ll find within to go with the cover.

The Caecilian Tubes are a morass, maze-like system of tunnels burrowed through the earth and stone by the large worms of their namesake over centuries of inhabitation of the northern portion of Plague Bay. As opposed to attempting a map of such a mystifying location, I’ve concocted a series of random rolls that signify the adventurers moving through the tunnels to a specific area attached to the tunnels.

The Sea Tunnels are bracketed by two Tiers, the Sea Tunnels and the Limestone Tubes.

While in the Sea Tunnels, the danger of a rising tide exists. These areas are over-burdened with briny tunnels and caverns partially underwater. They often have the Warped Anolians, Gorge Creatures, Mudmen, and Undead Pirates while having locations like The Mud Tunnels, Buccaneers Island, and the Temple of Mog within them.

The Limestone Tunnels are still Sea Tunnels, but there is no longer a danger of the rising tide drowning the adventurers as they explore. There is a waterfall grotto which has a beautiful song emanating from it’s cavernous space and supposedly the Queen of the Caecilians still resides somewhere within this area.

Want to pick this up, we’re releasing it in August so get in on the Patreon before then here.


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